Goodbye Jacksonville

Jacksonville Landing

SYL at Public docks in Jacksonville
Jacksonville Landing at Night
Jacksonville Landing

We got up this morning to intermittent clapping on the boardwalk here in Jacksonville. Rusty knew what it was about. Apparently a marathon was started at midnight last night and people started appearing at the finish line around 8:00am. Now it was freezing last night. I just don’t get it, but my hats off to those determined individuals who run. We thought the current would be against us until about 1:00pm but upon rising we found a favorable current, threw off our lines and left. We have had our coffee and now I will go fix the captain breakfast.

I feel better today than I have felt in over a week. You don’t know how bad you feel until you finally feel good. I missed most of Jacksonville but we were anchored in a beautiful spot so not all was lost. I am going to try to figure out how to post a gallery of photo’s today……we will see.

4:44PM We easily managed the 43 miles to Pine Island today. Our anchor is down in a secluded creek behind Pine Island, 10 miles or so from St. Augustine. We had a favorable current for all but an hour or so of the trip. The ICW goes by miles and miles of beautiful homes between the St. Johns and St. Augustine Inlets. Palm Valley has some high priced real-estate along the Eastern shore.

A couple we met (on a DeFever 41) in Jacsonville were anchored here when we arrived. I dropped the dink and said hello. We might go over for a drink before dark.

Linda is cooking us a steak. We took them out several days ago, but had trouble not eating sushi every day… lol. I’m looking forward to St. Augustine. It’s the oldest city in the United States…. not just Florida… but the whole US. There is a historic trolley ride, and the city still has it’s light show going along the waterfont.

Steaks are here…gotta go.


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