Getting Back to Normal

Our days are getting back to more of a normal state these days.  I appreciate everybody’s prayers and good wishes during a tough time in our lives.  I don’t see how people with no faith do it.  The prayers and love of our friends made so much of a difference for Linda and me the past few months…..  I just want to say thank you to all of you who litterally carried our hearts through this.

Yesterday we had dinner with some great people, and today we did chores in the morning and met with Tom and Cindy for a great meal and a movie in the afternoon.  It’s nice to not have life changing events steer your daily path for a change.   Yesterday I slept late then did what I wanted all day, today was much the same but more productive because I changed the brakes on my station wagon and got some of my wedding chores done.  Erin needed some wrought iron lamp hangers for her beach wedding… I found exactly what we needed at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price!  The other item on my agenda is to build a custom arbor for the wedding.  My buddy Tom and I plundered around for materials and ideas at the man store today….  we have the basic plan for the arbor project figured out.  Tom loves a project and better than that… has all the skills and tools to make it happen.  The two of us are dangerous when we get together.  It’s like we know each others next move…..we work in concert well so it makes a project fun.

Next week is a short work week due to the July 4th holiday.  I’ll probably head for the lake, I invited Michael and his buds to come up.  Sounds like a good time to me.  Linda and E have a bachlorette party planned so we need to get out of the way for the weekend.  We’ll go do man stuff… spit on the ground, talk loud a burp anytime we want….. pee off the porch, maybe even have a knuckle dragging contest…… lol.  Seriously, it will be fun to go up and BBQ, watch sports on TV and chill out.

It’s after 10PM… way past my bedtime….  thanks again to all our freinds.


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