Ft Lauderdale……What an Experience

Yesterday was quite an experience.  If you are interested in a blow by blow go to our FB “Sitton On The Beach”.  I ventilated fairly often on there yesterday.  We had 27 bridges that required openings and most of them were restricted.  For those of you who may not know, restricted just means they have an opening schedule, usually on the hour and 1/2 hour or quarter to and quarter past the hour.  You would think that the restricted would be the most problematic but that did not prove to be true.  On several of the “on demand” bridges we had problems, unnecessary problems.  On every bridge I would call ahead and give the bridge tender a headsup we were coming and if any other boaters were with us.  On three different occasions I called the bridgetender, he told us to keep on coming, we could be seen coming for miles and then when we got there he stalled opening the bridge.  At the beginning of the day we had the main and jib sails up helping to maintain speed.  They were a significant help with a current that was running against us.  Sails up in a narrow channel are a problem however,  when you suddenly have to turn around in a narrow, busy space.  After the third time a bridgetender delayed ( for no apparent reason) we took our sails down.  The worst time was when we were nearly ran over by a tour boat…..I really don’t want to retell that story so if you want the gory details go to our FB page.

We have been traveling the ICW for many years and the rogue bridgetender was very unusual…….and it wasn’t even a full moon….I know I looked1

12:00pm  WOoHOo!!!   I left a pitifull plea with Las Olas Marina which was our 1st choice marina but who told us there was no room.  They found us a spot.  One the don’t normally rent because it is not at the floating dock and it is fairly shallow which is not an issue for us.  It is exactly where I wanted to be for a couple of days with Karen.  Tomorrow we will take the water taxi  which is $20.00 a day and you can get on and off and it gives you a little tour of the area.   It was suppose to be overcast all day and now the sun is shining brightly like it knows someone special is on their way here…….:)

Well, it is now 1:00 and we have been so busy I have not fed my poor husband and he is looking faint.  I think a grill cheese is in order……

Sea Yawl Later!


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