Clearing Taft

I’m back on the job…..  I’m telling you, getting a wedding behind you brings a great sense of accomplishment.  Part of it is relief… but most of it is joy.  We are so happy for E & M as they begin their life together, and proud knowing we gave Erin a great wedding that many will remember for a long time.

Destination weddings normally don’t draw a huge crowd but we probably had 80 people at the ceremony.  I was very impressed with the turn out.

The pile of papers on my desk are almost taken care of.  I remoted in from Destin every day, but some of the work I’m doing could wait until I returned….. I’ve almost cleared that off my slate.

Linda is working like a turk getting the Taft house cleared of Berry Road stuff.  When we sold the big place in Beaumont and moved to the lake we left a lot of our stuff at Taft.  The lakehouse was already furnished so we didn’t need it there.  Our wedding gift is to give the kids use of the Taft house for their first year of marriage.  Erin and Michael have’nt broken out any of their wedding gifts so when they get home they want furnish with their plates, glasses, pots… etc, so Linda is packing our stuff up.

Anyway, it’s all done except the packing.  The kids come back tomorrow so Linda has a massive amount of stuff to clear out.  It will initally go to storage, then be sorted out to the lake or passed down.

It’s good to see the office desk getting cleared in front of me…. I’m definitely multi-tasking these days.  Handling multiple jobs at one time.  Ahhh for the good old days of just being a scheduler.

The new password at our house is “austerity”.  It sounds really cool and everything but so far in our life the word has only been used as a mental bluff spoken only to make ourselves feel better… lol.  Neither Linda nor I am good at “frugal”.  Hmmmm.. lessseee.  when I have her on the boat in the Bahamas, it’s hard to spend a lot of money….

Sea Yawl Later!


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