Berrys to Nassau 4/8/16

We departed just before 7AM from our picturesque anchorage to brave the wild ocean again (hopefully tamer this time) toward Nassau.  It was….. we left in 10 knots of wind on the beam then it went behind us and blew no more than 15 true, so we only saw 8 or 9 knots on the boat.  Wed did see some large ocean swells but they were long and easily traversed being on our stern.  The biggest swells were over 6 feet so waves were not insignificant but certainly mountable… and the best part is they were coming from behind us now.

The trip took just over 5 hours, most of it was sailing but we did have to drop one motor the last few miles.  Entering Nassau is always nerve wracking….. big boats fast boats, little boats all over the place.  Big boats the size of buildings that were tied to the docks seconds ago are now moving across your path blowing their horn to get you to move and there’s no place to go… it’s a zoo.  Jumanji took a slip at Nassau Yacht Haven and we anchored out across the harbor next to the multimillion dollar homes on the Paradise Island side.  Mike is more secure tied to a dock, but we don’t have to listen to sirens and boat traffic in and out all night, I have two anchors out so I feel fairly secure.  Tomorrow I might move out to Rose Island and wait out the weekend blow rather than stay here in the zoo.  North protection is good both places.. we will see.

I got a Bahamas phone today so I am back in touch with the world.  Jono and I walked across to the whole foods market and made off with some goodies during the walkabout.  Catching fish we realized we needed more cooking oil so we got that.  I also picked up some fresh fruit and drinks.  We still don’t have wifi so all my blogging is still just here on my laptop.

The sun is setting now, not much else to report.  We grabbed a plate lunch at the Fresh Market so we didn’t cook much today.  Nassau is getting amazingly quiet at the moment.. such a contrast from the dollar driven madness of the day, dolphin cruises.. booze and cruise… harbor sailboat tours… it’s really a crazy place, but if you’re a vacationer…. you can fly in on a big jet and live it up, they have it all here!

Sea Yawl Later  Rusty and Jono

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  1. John Ishee says:

    It’s still better than being here.

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