Ahhh Waterford Harbor Marina

We moved the boat yesterday from Bayland to Waterford in Kemah.   It’s nice, but most of all we have some good memories here.  We are back in SYL’s first Texas slip, her first port of call when we bought her in ’08.  Waterford is a bustling community, lots of sailors that actually use their boats.  The weekenders fill the place, but there is weekday activity as well.

Yesterday’s sail was fun even with regular thunderstorms marching across the bay.  Sporatic rain events made the temperature comfortable…. and if you were in the right spot they spun off cool fast wind to play on.  I saw 8.6 knots one time on a broad reach with a tall dark cloud behind me.  Lots of fun.

One day I’m going to count boats here at Waterford.  lets see… roughly 40 boats per long dock.  Lets say there are 10 docks with 40 boats and 10 shorter docks with 30…. that’s roughly 700 total.  It’s easy to say there are 500 masts here in this particular aluminum forrest.  Watergate just across the road is probably bigger than we are…..  It’s amazing to me that with 1000 aluminum trees in one place… at least one of them ought to get hit every time a lightning storm comes thru… but they don’t.

I don’t wish for the replacement cost of all these boats, or even dream of having enough money to pay every slip fee in the marina…. I could retire on the replacement cost of the sunbrella fabric covering only the boats I can see from my seat inside SYL.

Today (Sunday) is a brighter day than yesterday.  I probably should have waited to sail today… but I couldn’t stand it….  I have  a hard time sitting still with a destination on my mind and a way to get there.

SYL !!  Rusty

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  1. Hey Guys!!!!
    Welcome back to Waterford. Anxious to see you. We plan on coming down on Sunday afternoon to pick up some fresh seafood. (Our boat’s still in Punta Gorda) Will you be there??
    We are in the midst of planning our next trip to the Bahamas–this time to the Exumas–hoping to leave next early Feb or late Jan. Haven’t been keeping up with your blog lately (shame on me) but wondering what your cruising plans are.
    Anxious to talk to you about routing etc, and catch up on the 2011 trip and what you’ve been doing since. (In the meantime I’ll catch up a bit on your blog)
    Hope to see yawl soon

    • Rusty and Linda says:

      So sorry we missed you. We took the kids for a sail yesterday. Had a great sail to Texas City dike. Erin brought one of their two dogs and she needed a little exercise after being on the boat. We will be at the marine
      A all day on Monday. We would love to see you two.
      Sea Yawl Later

    • Rusty and Linda says:

      Looking forward to getting with you guys. Explorer charts in hand. There are three chart sets, the Near Bahamas, Far Bahamas and Out Islands.

      The Far Bahamas include Nassau and the Berry Island / Exumas / Eluthera
      The Out Islands start at Georgetown Exuma and go beyond, the newest version has the Turks & Caicos in it.

      If you don’t have them, it’s a no brainer… they are the best resoiurce that 100% of the Bahmaha crusiers use.

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