Call of the Wild

Some of our cruising buddies are heading East for the Bahamas and beyond and it’s making us jealous.  At work I have to focus 100% on what I’m doing and not let the “call of the wild” enter my conscious mind for too long.

It’s not a problem to think back on trips we have made and talk about them with others… spend some of that mental currency we already banked, but if I let myself think forward and get too excited about the next trip…. I don’t know for sure but I fear I’d be so focused on the dream I’d drop the balls I’m currently juggling.  The prep work to get ready for the next outing must be accomplished with limited passion.

In past duties I had my dream time because I was fast and accurate at my hands on job, but as the leader of the little travelling band I’m currently with… For me to be comfortable I need to know I’m personally doing the best job I can do without distraction so my full time focus has to be on what’s happening now… in one hour incriments.  Subconsiously I know Linda and I will be on the boat soon and I’m trying to keep it that way, the fact that our friends are crossing the Gulf heading toward Florida (and I can track their progress on “spot”) doesn’t help… lol.

My first cup of coffee is done… time to paddle the boat I’m in for the next couple months.

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