Sea Yawl Later !!

Its been a long time since I posted…. what I’d like to advise is that people new to this site look at “older posts” and check out the real reason we started this website. Sailing the Bahamas in our Catamaran “Sea Yawl Later”. Some nice pictures in there… enjoy.

Boat Project

The boat project is going well, there are more hours involved in the re-purposing than I expected but it’s been fun.  Here you can see the box the mattress fits in.20170122_142525I have all the wood on the bottom and 5 coats of varnish laid down now.  Sanding between coats has my arms looking like Popeye the sailor man….  boatbed2I can now turn the boat over and finish out the top.  The bow will be a toy box, the cowl will raise on brass hinges like a car hood.  A motion activated light will mount inside the toy box so when the lid is raised, the light comes on.  I just bought the magnetic hidden latch that holds the hood shut until you push to release it.  You’ve seen those on bathroom mirror cabinets right?  push to close, push again to open….  A hidden latch will work well, not detract from the lines of the boat.boatbed1I love how the wood looks.  The lighter color is of course new wood, the darker wood is the 30 year old highly abused original boat bottom.  Its hard to replicate the richness of old wood isn’t it?   I still have to make a display base for the project.  I’ll stain the stand much darker, so the boat will display nicely.  I think my 3 x 21 belt sander is about to give up the ghost… I should call this build “grind and sand” because that’s what it’s been.  Building a new boat doesn’t include deconstruction, this project is as much about deconstruction as the build out.

I have some ideas about how I’m doing the dash board, but it won’t be clear until I start holding pieces up where I think they go to make that final decision. … still a little “butt scratching” to do but that’s part of the fun of it too.  If your from the South, you are familiar with my mental imagery.  Some would hold their thumb up and look past it, some might frame the piece with both hands like a movie producer, some would sit on a rock with fist under chin to consider it, others might cross their arms and tap their lip with a one finger to decide.  Here in the south its just butt scratching….  nothing fancy, nothing presumptuous, and definitely not meant to be rude….  Unless you know “southern charm” intimately you might regret my choice of imagery, but I promise it’s well chosen and not meant to be offensive in any way.  Self deprecating southern hospitality should never be misconstrued and thoughtlessness.

I know I’m digressing here, leaving the previous subject, but now that the Superbowl and the Presidency are decided…. I’d like to take this opportunity to say why don’t we all calm down… huh?  It’s simple really, if your an American you are blessed.  If you are an immigrant, simply don’t come here if your angry about what America represents.  Here is the Oath you have to take to become a naturalized American citizen:  “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”  I’m a simple guy, but this looks pretty clear to me.  If you swear this oath to obtain citizenship, shouldn’t you lose that gift if your actions are different than your words?  I’m just a dumb country boy but it seems to me, the contract you made to become a citizen is broken when you don’t entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen.  If you don’t defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic shouldn’t you lose the status it affords? 

Yeah yeah… I know the executive order to step back and take a better look at immigrants might have been rolled out better, but what do you do?  There’s no way to stop the immigration process other than to just stop it.  If you warn people it’s like saying OK, all you dangerous immigrants come this week… because next week it will be too late.  Sometimes the best solution is actually the simple solution.  That’s why I voted for a businessman.. and no, I didn’t expect him to be Ronald Regan… we didn’t have that choice did we?  Trump’s a narcissistic duffus, we all know that, but he’s also not stalemated by political correctness like the Washington elites have been for decades.  The only difference between self grandizing Trump, and any of the other self grandizing politicians are that Trump says it to your face and the rest do it in secret behind your back.  A politicians LIFE is self promotion, this one just looks you in the face and you don’t like it.

Action after years of inaction is going to look different…. get used to it.  If your too good to be led by an American billionaire, I don’t know what to tell you, I guess my advice would be to get over yourself, your not that tall of a ruler either.  Trump isn’t going to drop by your house for dinner.  We need major changes regarding how America handles itself and other countries, this latest hooraahh shall pass.  It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass…. and we will all be better off for it.

Consider his unconventionality as entertainment, we might have to if all those Hollywood whiners quit, lol.  Here’s a hint for you too (pssst… those guys on TV… they are actors, that stuff on TV isn’t real.  They lie to your face for a living, they make you believe something is true that isn’t and the better they do it…… the more we pay them.  Don’t let the characters they adeptly portray endear you, or provoke any kind of value decision…. that’s what we pay them to do, actors are just like politicians…. why would anybody mistake them as agents of truth?  Consider that for a while….. am I right, or way off base here?

The only reason I can think of we would want to listen to an actor or politician is that somehow America craves deception.  Is the truth too blunt, too real… do you need somebody to lie to you and make you believe things are OK? while they secretly manipulate us all?  I’m so tired of that covert / subversive norm…. I would have elected Woody Woodpecker over somebody that lives and breathes the Washington elites “rare air”.  The silent majority (which I consider myself one of) finally had to say something about how America is run.  The pendulum that swings from Perceived Truth to Reality was hung up on the left side….  What people perceive as truth has much to do with what lawyers can currently prove in court.  Think about that a while….

Politically crafted social “truth” is designed by those that make money manipulating those rules for their own profit, either in money or in power.  Often social acceptability has very little to do with reality… It’s all about what some lawyer can prove in court.

Reality sometimes hurts… sometimes life causes pain.  If you allow your kids to grow up in an environment that absolutely denies them a scab or mental scrape, they won’t know how to handle themselves as an adult.  They might grow up and decide to give a big speech on women’s rights, forgetting they make their living dancing half naked on stage, putting their womanhood in the face of fans so they can touch it.. women’s rights…. really?  They might decide to protest a pipeline crossings for “ecological reasons” and literally trash miles of the surrounding country when they leave camp.  They might do stupid stuff like that…..  If your kids don’t have a strong sense of reality they are a leaf in the wind my friend.

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I vote for who I think America needs at the time so don’t write me off as your opponent, I promise I’m not… I’m just an old guy that had enough scabs and broken bones while I grew up, experienced enough reality in my life to know what’s real… and what’s politically or socially impressive at the moment.

Trump is going to stand there and tell you things you don’t want to hear, OK.  He’s going to shoot himself in the foot from time to time but the man wears steel toed boots, he’ll be fine, get over it nobody thinks he’s perfect.  If you think your going to “help” the situation by protesting Trump, you better do it with reality in hand…. not some left handed ideology that is frankly getting very old and starting to show how far off base you really are.  My humble advice is to quit acting poorly while you are ahead.

If your one of those who prefer to not look while the political elite lie cheat and steal as a normal part of daily business, lets be fair…. It’s time we expect better.  I lived years regretting the norm, the sliminess of Washington politics, the underhanded political shell games made me so dizzy I was sick…  Now, finally our elected leader is doing exactly what we elected him to do… don’t be mad at him, be mad at me if that helps.  It wasn’t Putin, it wasn’t Comey, it wasn’t even the damaged opposition candidate that put Trump in the white house, it was real people like me.  People that were tired of denying the Christian principles and standards this country was founded on.  Blame me (the silent majority) and quit acting a fool.

Man that got way off subject didn’t it?  Sorry about that… going back in my hole..

Jono in GT / boat project

Here we are, the 3rd day of 2017 and I haven’t heard from my boy Jonathon all year.  Miss Adventure is parked off the beach at the “Chat-n-Chill” inside the harbor in Georgetown Bahamas, but seriously we haven’t heard from him in weeks.  He turns spot on now and then to let us know where he is, but I’d like an update if you’re parked next to the boy…. Lol.

A good friend of ours anchored at Monument Beach on “Cats Meow” sent me a text regarding Jono this weekend. They say he seems happy enough.  I asked them to relay a message to the boy for me.  Jono had his dinghy and motor stolen several weeks back and I’m trying to coordinate a replacement, Jono if you read this check in will you?  Ted and I need to know when your buddy is coming by to pick up your care package.

I hope everyone’s holiday was filled with joy. Mine was, we saw all the grandkids.  Speaking of grandkids I have a garage project going for one of mine.  From 1987 to 1998 I raced 2 cylinder power boats.  Recently I was cleaning out my race trailer that hasn’t moved for almost 20 years, I found 3 boats I had left inside the big 36’ box trailer.  These boats are 10 to 12’ long flat bottom wood boats.  They all had some wood rot, none were salvageable for water service again but my step daughter Erin and her husband asked me if I could repurpose one for the grand baby.  The picture below is of my favorite boat the first year I owned it.


The photo below is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the trailer.  ↑ This is what it looked like new running in Litchfield Illinois.


I’m reconfiguring it into a bed frame.  This boat is really special to me, we raced all over the USA from New York to Florida, to California.  Lots of good (and crazy) memories were made in this boat.  As you might imagine driving a 100# boat on your knees at 70 mph is fun enough.. but it’s even more exciting when 11 other drivers in their 100# boats are right next to you, all jockeying to be the first one around turn one in the 3 lap race.  The motor in the top picture is a 25hp 2 cylinder OMC.  With that motor set up for 3 lap racing I would top out in the high 60’s.  On a different (lighter) boat I designed and built, I set the world 2 cyl outboard speed record for the class with that exact motor.  Using a special 1:1 drive lower unit, I went 83 mph at the straightaway trials down in Florida.

I’ve replaced almost all the rotten wood and have reconfigured the decks and cockpit framework to accept a bunk bed mattress. This is how it looked last night.  I did put a few more dash framework pieces on after this photo.



It needs a good scrubbing inside, after that it’s nearly ready for the inside skin.  I did most of the framework for the dash last night after these pics.  Two year old Shawn will be able to sit on the end of his bed and drive….  The wheel will be higher than in this photo, I was getting some ideas of how the wheel would look in this pic.  The white cowl will open forward for toys, or linen.. whatever mommy wants to keep in the nose.  Much of the frame is new wood, I’ve got about 50 hours in the project so far, not bad.  I bought some nice 5mm birch plywood for the skin, the floorboard will be 1/2″ cabinet grade Birch.  I guess I’ll put the race numbers back on it like they were….  Kinda cool I think.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw this one away… glad to have a good use for it.  Erin is keeping a picture log of the progress on Facebook.

Jono….. email, text or snail mail or carrier pigeon huh!?

“Miss Adventure” and the WalMart of the sea

Hurricane Matthew stirred up everything in it’s wake, from the Southern Bahamas all the way to my son’s location on his boat “Miss Adventure”.  Jono rode out the storm in a shelter at Charleston South Carolina. You can follow him and his and his cat’s adventure as they head to the Bahamas and beyond.  Jonathon just bought his first sailboat, a 33′ Irwin.

He is carrying my spot device, so you can click on “Where is SYL” on this site to see where he is, and if he’s moving.  On Facebook he is Jonathon Sitton.  Jono is a professional photographer so you’ll find lots of cool pictures and a millennial’s take on cruising.  His boat is his home so check that out.  He is currently staging in Florida for the fall Gulfstream crossing.

Jono and I enjoyed remote beach plundering last year when he was with me on SYL in the Exumas.  While hurricanes are never a good experience they do have somewhat of a redeeming value.  Jono is so excited to see what the hurricane dredged up along the 100 miles of remote island beaches in the Exumas he can hardly stand it.  Anytime there is a significant weather event, the beach gets a whole new load of sea fodder, so the WalMart of the Bahamas has brand new stock!

While cruising does bring a few beach combers to the remote places we go, there are still many truly un-trampled beaches to explore, if you don’t mind the hike over the peaks and through the brambles, the scratchy shrubs atop most of the islands.  Over my 16 years or so of Bahamas cruising I have carted home quite a plethora of flotsam.  I think my most prized objects are shipwreck wood.  I have quite a collection of wood boat parts and planking.  My favorite pieces are some 14′ long hand hewn 4 x 4’s that were once supporting the deck of a handmade ship.  I suspect it was Hatian, I found them sticking out of an extremely remote oceanfront rockslide that happened many many years ago, so the boat had to have been lost in that location long before the rock slide.  The ends are notched where they sat on the gunnels with rust in the old nail holes… the metal of the nails long gone.  Whatever kind of wood it is must be awesome, they are as strong as a brand new board.

Another treasure we covet is fishing float balls that are lost at sea, normally they come from the far east.  They ride the currents of the Indian Ocean for years, the ones that make it to our stomping grounds make their way around the horn of South Africa and up through the South Atlantic.  I like the aluminum balls that were pre-WW2.  It’s estimated that there are 100’s of thousands of these floats at sea right now.  Some are glass, they can range in age all the way back to the mid 1800’s.  Suffice it to say, the Exumas ocean side beaches have a brand new stock and Jono can’t wait to go walk them again.  What’s cool is big storms can wash up shipwreck debris from the ocean bottom as well.  During Katrina, they found doors and hatches from sunken ships along the Mississippi gulf coast.  The block of wood below is no telling how old, probably started as a sapling more than 300 years ago, maybe much longer than that!  It’s some part of an old ship.. you can see the rust stains where it was once fastened in place.  The blue hull section looks to be from a wrecked Bahamian racing sloop.  I found parts of it strewn for a mile along the ocean side coast.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA float-balls

I’m still looking for that first load of gold doubloons… ships bells or cannon balls!

Hurricane Matthew


Matthew is crossing my stomping grounds in the Bahamas… taking the same path I have sailed many times on SYL.  Right now he’s in the very shallow very warm waters of the great bahama banks.  His path went straight from Long Island through the Exumas and Nassau to the top of Andros, across the shallow banks and looks like it will center punch West End grand Bahamas in a few hours.

I have friends that live along the Florida coast, and my son is on his boat in Charleston South Carolina.  It’s nice to not be directly involved in the storm but many friends and relatives are.  By Saturday evening we will know how Jonathon faired in South Carolina on his new boat “Miss Adventure”  I hope the boat name is not prophetic.



Sailing Dreams?

I have over 50K miles offshore sailing experience, I often think back to when I sailed that first time, and compare what I knew then versus what I know now.  I often dwell on that perspective so I feel qualified to talk on the subject.  Here you go.. a cruising captain’s version of the ultimate guide to decide “If YOU would love cruising” free of charge.  Cruising for dummies if you will.

There are several levels of sailboat lovers, from what I have seen we all fit into one of them.  When a sailboat dreamer explains his heart felt desire to sell his house – buy a big boat and live in a space about the size of his current garage, with about the same capacity of air conditioning, most of his friends can’t imagine a worse fate.  The nay sayers probably represent 80% of the population.  Most of your friends are what I’d call level 1 enthusiasts, basically they will think you are nuts.  We sailors may be nuts, but I’m here to tell you the unwilling majority will never risk failure or folly.  I now know, any accomplishment without contention isn’t worth the wax to keep it polished.  Level 1 represents the great majority that live out common lives, and seem to be happy enough.

Level 2:  Some folks love the idea of sailing and will even promise to come sail with you (and they mean it) but then they don’t.  When a sailor’s dream finally comes true, we recall the excitement of our friends for our dream so we offer to share it, but they won’t come.  Level 2 friends enjoy the thought of the perfect sail.  They desire some of that “escape” factor sailing into the sunset provides, but will never act on it, even as a guest.  Don’t judge them when your reality doesn’t match theirs anymore.  It happens.  The dream of freedom is still there but you just changed lanes too fast and you should know, they may never come with you.  Level 2 sailors have a fantasy that works well for them, but know it’s a pipe dream… and that’s OK.

Level 3:  Daddy Warbucks – Walk around any marina and you will find trophies that represent achieved wealth lining the docks.  Some owners have cruising dreams but most use their craft as a dockside condo to entice the level 2’s to come by and enjoy a glass of wine.  It works, it’s great entertainment that at least makes you think of cruising, but they never unplug the twin 50 amp cords.  Inside this level 3 there is a very small percentage that do actually leave the dock.  They sail from Yacht Club to Yacht club and remark on who had the best floral presentation at the dinner table.  The only tools they have onboard is a pen and checkbook.  I guess I might fit into that subset if I had the money.. lol.  These rich guys, and level 2’s that made a mistake, keep marinas in business.  95% of the masts you see in any harbor never move.  The ones that do sail, shouldn’t stray far from home or be out longer than fresh fruit.  I’ve met some good Level 2’s out on the water but they are pretty rare.  Most mega yachts you see “out there” don’t fit in this category.  Cruising mega yachts are normally a business venture that changes its boat name based on which corporate occupants are on board at the time.  I have seen the same boat docked at Atlantis in Nassu sport 3 different names.  The big gold letters on the side apparently bolt on and can be changed by the crew without much fanfare.

Level 4 Cruisers – These are the dreamers that find a way to move on a boat.  I’d say level 4 represents up to 10% of the people you will see “out there” cruising.  They have the overwhelming desire for freedom but they aren’t good decision makers.  They buy the wrong boat, or they don’t make good decisions day to day.  Level 4 includes everything from homeless people that happen to live on a boat, to the fiscally capable but “mentally moronic” sailors with a desire to live free, especially free of common sense.  It can be a hard life.  Sort of the left wing democrats of the boating world.  Their sense of reality floats with the tide, they survive off what other people give them.  Heck they MUST be Democrats now that I think about it, you know.. feed them fish and you have their vote forever, teach them to fish….. and they might vote for somebody else.  Actually they fit into the cruising world quite well.  These folks are totally harmless, in their happily aimless way… lol.  They are often fun to watch and are – totally groovy man…….   I keep extra starter fluid, and spark plugs onboard for these folks.  It’s nice to have the opportunity to make somebody’s day now and then.

Level 5 Cruisers – Hopefully this is the category I fit into.  Level 5 are the successful cruisers that represent the largest group you will meet if you pull that proverbial pin yourself.  Have you ever been camping or RV’ing?  It’s great when you meet people in the RV park and talk about their equipment or similar circumstances.  You make friends quickly.  The cruiser community is like that on steroids.  If you pull up next to a guy 400 miles from nowhere just off some deserted island, you have a major commonality.  That guy kinda’ qualifies right off the bat.  Most of our best and most devoted friends are cruisers we met in the Bahamas.  We average about 6 months on, and 6 months off the boat so all our time isn’t spent with cruisers… but the best times are.  Even when we are on land, our cruising buddies are hands down the best people.  In March of this year my house flooded, I had a cruising buddy drive 16 hours with a truck full of supplies to help me clean up and get my life back together.  To be fair, another drove 6 hours to do the same and he’s never been on SYL.  “Sea Yawl Later”  Level 5 is the most successful cruising group of the five, and fortunately they represent the overwhelming majority of who you will see “out there”.

If you generally make good decisions, don’t be afraid to just get on a boat and go. Nothing beats real time experience.  Your love of sailing will drive you to do enough research to excel.  But … If your decision making skills are suspect it might be good to commit to exhaustive study and take it slower, or better yet change your dream to do something you might actually enjoy. I hate to be that blunt but there it is.

Making good decisions (even more than preparedness) is THE foundation for successful cruising. If your generally pretty lucky, and a handy guy.. cruising opens up a door you simply must walk through. You were made to do this.  Conversely if you’re the kind of guy that is hyper-focused on details, relies heavily on product warrantees, and somebody that holds on to the negative longer than you should, if the main tool you use to work on your boat is your wallet… don’t get far from home my friend.  Cruising can be fun for you, but not long term.

When you’re out sailing, some “new” problem presents itself almost every day.  No amount of study will yield the perfect solution to every scenario.  Common sense and how you adapt is what gets you out of a jam.  I’m not saying don’t do your research, I’m saying the smartest thing you can do is check your personal tool box, understand how much of “the right stuff” you possess because that too.. will run low at the worst possible moment.  When you have been awake all night on a crossing, something breaks and the weather gets bad… tools, spare parts or preparedness won’t mean much if you don’t make good decisions about how to use them.

Your first and most important decision is to buy a solid boat in the first place.  One that will take care of you when your skills bump the rev limiter.  The lower your endurance to adversity… the more money you better spend on a boat.

Here’s my take on what you as a top (level 5) sailor will experience on the high seas.  Sailing is 10-80-10. Other sailors may disagree with my percentages but here’s the deal. 10% of your sailing will be idyllic – like you dream of and see on the postcards. Sandy beaches, blue skies, wind on your beam and wine in your favorite glass. Euphoric in every way and totally worth the other 90%. On the opposite end of the spectrum – 10% is sheer terror, something you only brag about after the appropriate amount of time has lapsed. lol. How much skin you lose during a wild experience often determines how long that duration is, but… when you realize that you and your well-chosen equipment can overcome true adversity it grounds you like nothing else. You own something sweet dreams could never purchase.

Sailboats can do that for you. Even though we all hope bad things won’t happen, when they do, that too becomes a talking point to share when you reach that deserted island and anchor next to a guy that just did the same thing. Sooner or later situations that bring the most fear become mental jewelry that most will never own. Now I’m not suggesting you go out and do something stupid or that sailing will eventually render you anemic. While perusing your dreams if you accidentally find a base to judge all things by.. for real…. your eyes simply “see” with higher resolution. Even the worst of times on a sailboat have their merit.

Regarding my math: Given my 10-80-10 scenario if the middle 80% of sailing transports you from one 10% to the other with varying degrees of joy. I know.. I know, you might say my math is flawed.  When I claimed earlier that the best 10% makes the other 90% more than worth it, I didn’t make a mistake… What I’m saying is, the unintended bad times… the 10% that scares the crap out of you eventually become a bonus to be included in the “worth it column”.

And here’s a bit for us dreamers: I totally understand that planning and anticipation is a wonderful part of the journey not to be missed… Dream, and if you find a way.. go for it!

Wednesday May 4th 2016


The EndIMG_9275

Tuesday Pirate Beach to Allens Cay / Northern Exumas

Three Seawinds departed Big Major at 7AM for points North.  My goal was Allens Cay at the top of the Exumas, Jumanji and Zephyros broke off to take a mooring ball at Cambridge Cay.  We had said our good byes on the beach the night before but there were sweet radio conversations from Jumanji of thanks and joy for being their guide for the first cruise to the Bahamas.  He didn’t mention how I taught him to sail… lol.  No.. I’m kidding.. Mike and Laurie are accomplished sail boat racers in their own right, but I know they found a few sail trims that work better on a Seawind.

SYL pulled in to Allens about 4:15, Jono promptly dropped the dingy and went on a discovery mission.  We have found so much interesting stuff this trip.  I think he has developed a search criteria.. and Allens showed promise in his beach exploring model.

Tomorrow we head out early for a 70 mile jaunt to Morgan’s Bluff to wait out some heavy weather.  Hopefully we have enough wind to maintain 6 knots, if not we will probably drop one of our three bladed jibs and augment the speed with an outboard.  Our plan if the weather holds is to cross the Great Bahama Banks Saturday and look at a Gulfstream crossing Sunday.  From there we hope to be able to not hurry as much…. once we reach the US.  Leaving now also gives us some bad weather days to hole up, and still make it home on time.

Monday – Pirate Beach

We met Jack and Lauire… yep another Laurie last night on the beach.  They flew in to be with Ted and Mili on Morning Glory for 7 days.  We were all out driving around and happened to meet at Zephros to chat so we rafted the dinghys together and went to the beach enmasse with us pushing the other two boats.. lol.  While at the beach we met a couple that lives in the next town from us in Mandeville Louisiana!  Matt and his wife had picked up her sister at the airport.  Nicole (the wife’s sister) is a cute little thing as Jono recognized right away… lol.  Matt is a spear fisherman and apparently a great angler, he gave us half a Mahi from his “overstocked” refrigerator.  We traded information then, as dark fell the mosquitoes drove us back to our boats.

This morning winds are up and down, it blew pretty good during the night.  That seems to be the pattern; most of the high wind has been at night for the last few weeks.  Jono is sleeping in this morning.  He rode back over to Morning Glory about 8:30 last night; I’m not sure when he got home.

10:30AM – Morning Glory and I decided to head North 10 miles or so for the day.  Ted wanted to show his company the Undersea Aquarium just north of Bell Island and I wanted to put Jono on some possibly unpicked over beachs at Thomas Cay.  It’s almost noon and I’m anchored at my intended spot, Jono is on the Oceanside looking for cruiser treasures.  I’m excited to have more shipwreck wood to add to my collection back home.  I ran aground once going into pipe creek.  It’s low tide so I’m not surprised.  It wasn’t bad getting off but it wasn’t fun either.  I think I’ll take a swim around the boat while Jono is on the beach.

MG didn’t come all the way back to Pirate beach but we did.  This would be the last day we would see the other Seawinds, we are breaking away tomorrow to head back to the states.  SYL

May 1st – Big Major / Pirate Beach

In the wee hours of the morning a huge supply ship came right by our boat, I mean within 20’ of us.  I guess it’s the “mail boat” that supplies Fowl Cay Resort.  He docked over there for a while then moved on.  All these islands are supplied by these mail boats as they are called.  Everything from fresh water to diesel, groceries, building materials, everything….. comes on the mail boat.  Most islands they come once a week, some remote places get their boat every 2 weeks.  If you need a tire for your car on Crooked Island, or a bottle of wine… you call the store in Nassau, buy it and they put it on the mail boat for you.  It usually makes it intact, but if it doesn’t arrive whole…. or at all there’s no recourse.  You may get it next week, or maybe not.  To better explain what I mean about da’ Bahamas, read this sign from Ocean Cabin on Little Farmers.


Jono made three trips to the outer beaches today…. One by himself, one with me, and another time with Mike.  The bounty was oodles of sea glass, and some nice pieces too!  He also found two more boat bumpers so he’s fixed up totally for bumpers…..  I hung out on Pirate Beach while Mike and Jono went, when they got back we went up to Pirate Beach and swam to cool off after the sun drenching day on the remote beaches.  On PB we met two couples, one from Corpus Christi Texas, the other from Knoxville Tennessee on the same boat.  Both men were helicopter pilots working in Afghanistan.  Laurie form Forever Young came over about 3, Richard followed at 5 with the wine… we left immediately after he got there with the wine… remembering what happened to us yesterday.  Actually we were hungry so… we are dining on Jono chili dogs at this very moment.

5:30 – A few minutes ago Morning Glory arrived at Big Major with their firefighter friends on board from Florida.  So now we are 4 Seawinds strong… a flotilla of Australian fiberglass here in the Bahamas.  Ted did a flyby.. we told him we were returning to the beach after dinner so we will rendezvous in a few minutes to meet Jack and his family!